Review of “LEO Remembered” by Mark Greenia

“LEO Remembered”  Review

Behind the glowing valves (“tubes”) and humming circuits lurks a great series of human stories to be told.  The new enlarged edition of “LEO Remembered” edited by Hilary Caminer and Lisa-Jane McGerty is a great collection of such LEO stories.  I found the book to be exceptionally well organized, clearly presented, and very enjoyable to read.  The historical data is interspersed with numerous vintage photos of people, places and equipment that created and evolved the LEO computers during the earliest days of electronic digital machines. The many first-hand accounts of those who worked closely on the early machines were truly fascinating.  The book presents a level of detail one does not normally find in a book about computer history.  I highly recommend this new book to anyone interested in the early beginnings of LEO business computers and the very human side of bringing these electronic marvels to life.

Mark Greenia, Director, Computer History Archives Project (CHAP)

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