Rebuild of EDSAC at TNMoC: Presented by Andrew Herbert

Andrew Herbert, is a distinguished Computer Science practitioner who hails from the Cambridge Tradition. Having held a very senior position in Microsoft Research, in retirement he is the leader of the project on display at TNMoC to construct a replica of the pioneering EDSAC I computer at the University of Cambridge which first went into service in 1949.

On 26 April 2024 Andre spoke to the LEO Computer Society on Zoom  about the reconstruction project , now close to completion.  He spoke of the challenges of reconstructing a machine for which there were very few surviving circuit diagrams – the EDSAC reconstruction team worked mostly from contemporary photographs and secondary sources and research into established circuits for “computing with waveforms” known to 1940s electronics engineers.

A recording is available here Zoom Recording

Copy of the slides used can be found here Slides



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