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An invitation to all our members – come and chat with us on Zoom

Trustee John Paschoud introduces a new initiative for the Society – online meet-ups using Zoom!

New Dates Below

We’re all a bit fed up with having had to postpone our Reunion which was originally scheduled for early October before coronavirus put paid to that. Then we thought, why not use online technology to link our members?

It will be a while before any of us can travel to central London for a nice chat and a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon.  Many of our members, and especially those who live overseas, may have found that quite a challenge at the best of times anyway.  The thing about our Reunions that many members think most worthwhile is the opportunity to reminisce with each other.  And as a bonus we have discovered that keeping a record of those reminiscences on audio or video sometimes provides valuable material for our Oral Histories collection.

Annual General Meeting was a Success on Zoom
There was a successful Annual General Meeting on 17th June, as a Zoom online meeting.  Some of the members who participated had already been to a lot of online meetings by then, but for others it was their first experience.  After we’d finished the legal business of the AGM several members wanted to stay for a chat with each other, and really enjoyed it!

So we’re going to hold some more Zoom meetings, just so that members can have a chat!  You’ll need to bring your own tea – or whatever other tipple you fancy.  But you’ll only have to travel as far as the room your computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone is in.  Or one of those you can borrow from a neighbour, friend or relative if needed.  If you’re a complete beginner at online meetings, there will be another member (or several) who can help you become a dab-hand!  We might try getting the conversation started at each meeting with a short talk (maybe even a slideshow!) on an interesting topic.  If lots of us want to have several different conversations (which would be only natural) then we can split the meeting up into several ‘huddles’.  We have NO IDEA what people will talk about… But it doesn’t matter!

To start with we’re going to offer four dates, with three of the meetings starting at 10:30am and one at 17.00 (UK time – although of course our members from further afield are very welcome too):

Meeting 1: Wed 28-Oct at 10.30 am

Meeting 2: Thu 19-Nov at 17.00 ( 5 p.m.)

Meeting 3: Tue 15-Dec at 10.30

Meeting 4: Mon 18-Jan 2021 at 10.30

Meeting 5: Fri 20-Feb 2021 at 10:30 GMT

Meeting 6: Mon 08-Mar 2021 10:30 GMT (International Women’s Day so we are looking for a mostly female attendance)

Meeting 7: Wed 14-Apr 2021 17:00 BST

You can sign up to join us on one of these dates using the online form at: bit.ly/LEOSocMM  
NB The times above are UK and are good for Europe and South Africa. But we hope members from the Americas will find that the meeting at 17:00 will be good for them, West and East Coast, and the 10:30 is OK for the Antipodes.

This page will be updated with proposed topics as and when they are decided. If you are not yet a member but interested in learning more about this remarkable development by a catering company you can join by completing the Membership Application

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