Oral History

  • Ian Bruce - Interviewee: Ian Bruce                                                            DOB: 11 November 1947 Interviewer: Mike Hally Editor: Tony Morgan and Frank Land Role in LEO: Site engineer Joined LEO (EELM): circa 1967 Date of Interview: 5th July 2017 Abstract: Left school in Edinburgh aged 15 to be apprenticed to his father’s Radio and TV supply and repair shop.  After 4 years, expecting to take over the business, his father sold the business leaving […]
  • Peter Wharton - Interviewee: Peter Wharton Interviewer: John Daines Date of Interview: 2nd November 2016         Editors: David Phillips (P1) and Bob Marsh (P2) Additional Editing: Frank Land (FL)Joined LEO: 1962Role in LEO: ProgrammerAbstract:  After West Bromwich Grammar School and graduating with a maths degree from Leicester University. Following the advice of a friend who had become a computer programmer, responded to a LEO job advert, was called for […]
  • Ninian Eadie - LEO Interviewee:   Ninian Eadie             DOB 15th March 1937 Interviewer:   Two Interviews, by ArchivesUK, and for LEO Oral History Project by John Ferguson plus a third memoir by Eadie himself.  Date of Interview: LEO interview 6th July 2017Joined 1960Role in LEO: Joined LEO as a trainee programmer, rose rapidly in a variety of roles including teaching, defining CLEO, […]
  • Interviewee: Neville Lyons  - DOB: 16th April 1928 Interviewer:  PhillipsDate of Interview: 19/04/2022Role in LEO: Trustee LEO Computers SocietyJoined LEO: Joined LEO Computers Society as ‘friend’ in 2014Abstract:After a career as a Professional soldier, serving as adjutant while a junior officer and rising to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel,  found his metier in acting as a communicator.  Discovering his distant relationship to Joe Lyons and the […]
  • Georgina Ferry Transcripts - Georgina Ferry has donated the unedited transcripts of the people she interviewed for her book A Computer called LEO to the Heritage Project of the LEO Computers Society.  The following interviewees are included:Anthony Salmon, Maurice Wilkes, David Wheeler, Murray Laver, David Caminer, John Pinkerton, Ernest Kaye, Ray Shaw, Derek Hemy, Peter Hermon, John Aris, Mary Coombs, Ralph […]
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