Interviewee: Ian Bruce                                                            DOB: 11 November 1947

Interviewer: Mike Hally

Editor: Tony Morgan and Frank Land

Role in LEO: Site engineer

Joined LEO (EELM): circa 1967

Date of Interview: 5th July 2017

Abstract: Left school in Edinburgh aged 15 to be apprenticed to his father’s Radio and TV supply and repair shop.  After 4 years, expecting to take over the business, his father sold the business leaving Ian to find a job.  On seeing an advert by EELM for computer engineers applied, sat the aptitude test and was offered job of trainee Data Prep engineer,  Assigned to work at CAV LEO III site in Acton.  Subsequently took on computer maintenance with special skills in maintenance of magnetic tape.  Worked on a number of sites including Post Office LEO 326 in Edinburgh and later on a range of ICL computers.  Became team leader but retired when offered early retirement Fujitsu after 35 years service.  Keen on sports and still active as a swimmer.

Copyright: LEO Computers Society

Restrictions: None known


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