Interviewee: Neville Lyons 

DOB: 16th April 1928 
Interviewer:  Phillips
Date of Interview: 19/04/2022
Role in LEO: Trustee LEO Computers Society
Joined LEO: Joined LEO Computers Society as ‘friend’ in 2014
After a career as a Professional soldier, serving as adjutant while a junior officer and rising to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel,  found his metier in acting as a communicator.  Discovering his distant relationship to Joe Lyons and the Lyons food empire started compiling presentations to interested bodies like U3A, and Probus making 166 presentations in a period of a few years.  In the course of compiling the story of Lyons he discovered LEO, met LEO Computer Society people and started about 2014 telling the LEO story, and applied to join the LEO Computers Society as a friend. Subsequently became more and more involved compiling and making numerous presentations. Active member of LEO Computers Society.


Copyright: LEO Computers Society

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