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David Tresman Caminer Scholarship 2015

    The Caminer family, Ralph and Frank Land and Peter Byford were invited to this year's Donor Ceremony on 24th November 2015.
The event was to present the awards to the recipients and to thank the donors themselves. Unfortunately traffic was very bad on that evening and the Lands and Caminers were unable to make it. It meant that Peter was given the honour of presenting the certificate to the winner of this year's David Tresman Caminer Postgraduate Scholarship in Business Computing (supported by the LEO Computers Society and AIT Trust).
The winner was Rabia Arif pictured below with her tutor, Giuseppe Primiero.
This year's scholarship is much more angled to LEO's history and both Giuseppe and Rabia will be attending the Reunion. Rabia will be helping to run a video booth to record members memories.
The coming year will also see Middlesex University introducing a new project, The David Tresman Caminer Studentship for the History of Computing. This will be a three year agreement for a post-graduate studentship research project relating to the history and philosophy of computing, focussing mainly on LEO's history.

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