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Thanks partly to our widely distributed e-mail advertising the event, the recent inaugural Pinkerton lecture by Sir Maurice Wilkes was well attended by a large number of ex-Leo Computers employees as well as IEE members.
The lecture was at the Institute of Electrical Engineers, in Savoy Place, London on Tuesday 05 December 2000.

Sir Maurice Wilkes was one of the early pioneers of computing in Britain who developed the EDSAC computer at Cambridge on which the first Leo was based. He gave a fascinating lecture on the development of computer engineering, concentrating on J. Lyons, the Leo project and John Pinkerton's leading role.

He noted how advanced some of the Leo III facilities were: - time-sharing, (multi-programming), micro-programming, etc., and commented that with more capital available Lyons/Leo and John Pinkerton would have continued to lead the way in developing computers.

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